We are

We are a young company with strong roots in the past. We come from the world of natural and vegetal-based cosmetics, and move towards new horizons, bringing with us our decades of know-how, certain that the era of ecological choices and awareness is finally pervading every sector.

We care

Many will tell you about the infinite virtues of their cosmetics. But only very few will tell you what they do not use by choice and consistency. All our professional beauty products are rich in organic natural ingredients, free of potentially toxic or allergenic substances for the operator and the consumer.

Just do it

We invite you to be curious, to go beyond the sensational and superficial, to ask explanations on formulas, ingredients, the effectiveness of our products. We are at your disposal!

Make the difference

Gentleaf is addressed to wholesalers and operators of SPAs, Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Holistic Centers, Natural Hair-stylists. To all those who handle with beauty and wellness and are ready to launch the biological professional product, responding to their needs and to those of a significant growing audience.