Gentleaf was born from the desire to create an innovative professional cosmetic line with organic ingredients, natural and highly dermo and eco-friendly. A challenge that focuses on a few simple and basic concepts.





HEALTH AND WELLNESS the perfect balance between science and nature

Today hairdressers are in fact the first to wonder what might be the consequences on their health for continued use of potentially toxic and nasty chemicals contained in professional products. Their own customers require more genuine, safe and environmentally friendly products. Furthermore the increase of allergies and hair - skin problems pushes the whole community towards natural cosmetics.
Natural cosmetics, however, should not mean just an advertising and labeling illusionary message, but must meet strict parameters and be coherent in the choice of all ingredients.
Gentleaf employs only eco- and skin-friendly ingredients, and avoids any harmful substance from its formulations, giving all the best guarantees to hairdressers for themselves, ensuring an excellent hair and skin tolerance for their customers. Not only does Gentleaf care about what you put on hair and skin, but we also have a careful eye on what gets put back into our environment.


  • We enjoy our work
  • integrity and honesty come first
  • we feel responsible for the environment, health and sustainability
  • constant eco-responsible innovation is our commitment


we do not use nasty chemicals

Each product is rich in natural and organic active ingredients and completely free of toxic substances.
Simple formulas, based on ingredients of plant origin, with selected raw materials of high quality level.
Free from harmful ingredients such as:
SLS/SLES and other aggressive surfactants, alcohol, parabens, synthetic dyes and preservatives, mineral oils, paraffin, dangerous ethoxylates, PEG and PPG, synthetic silicones, formaldehyde releasing agents, chrome - iodine- fluorine- bromine-compounds, polyquaternary ammonium compounds.