We have formulated all our products in accordance with the requirements of the strictest European standards and we got the BDIH - COSMOS ORGANIC certification, which fills us with pride. This quality label guarantees the use of only eco-friendly and organic ingredients and it offers our customers the absolute certainty that the Gentleaf products are healthy, non-aggressive and 100% safe.

From the web pages of Cosmos-standard.org:

The COSMOS-ORGANIC standard is owned and managed by a not-for-profit, international association registered in Belgium. We are proud of our independence, and our standards!

Our ultimate objective is to safeguard, in the area of cosmetics, the welfare of the environment and of people. For this we want to stimulate the development of cosmetics that are ever more natural and organic. And we want to ensure consumers have clear and transparent information so that they can themselves be part of sustainable development.

Therefore, the COSMOS-standard sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust, and that are clear for the industry and good for the environment.


Actually there is no universal standard for “certified organic” and every organic certification processor has a different set of standards and a different list of what they allow and what they prohibit. Gentleaf chose the most strict European Standard to guarantee his customers about the quality of its beauty products, which is at the moment the COSMOS-ORGANIC-STANDARD.

Even in the professional field organic declared products without any certification are blooming everywhere, they are real commercial deceptions that leverage on the scarce knowledge of the subject. So it is unfortunately not rare to find on the market products advertised as NATURAL or ORGANIC, BIO-DYNAMIC, VEGAN, WILD CRAFTED, and NATURAL DERIVED. You can be very confused from the offer of formulations in which there are three or four organic certified ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts in low percentage, complete with a well exposed ingredient certification, and the rest are really not eco-friendly raw materials, like silicons, amino compounds, dangerous PEG or Propylen Glycol, and so on.
When the cosmetic product is completely devoid of any certification, this is clearly a fraud. An organic stamp on a label does not mean that the end product, the entire formulation, is certified! Please note that you can check on the sites of the certification bodies and if the company is really certified.